Heschen Photoelectric Switch E3JK-R4M2 AC 90-250V Feedback Reflection Type Detection Distance 4m with Reflector Panel


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  • supply voltage: 90-250VAC, Output: 3A 250VAC
  • Detection range: 4m
  • Relay output: AC non-illuminate
  • Detection method: feedback reflection type
  • Detection target: Opaque object
  • respnose time: 30ms
  • Light source: Infrared light 660nm
  • Impulsion and vibration are allowed: B<30g,T<11ms, f<55Hz, a<1mm
  • Insulation impedance: 50Mohm above between charging part and housing
  • Withstand voltage: AC1000V 50/60Hz 1min between charging part and housing
  • protection structure: IP65

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