Heschen M18 Photoelectric Sensor Diffuse Reflection Sensor Switch E3F-DS30C4 NPN NO DC10-30V 200mA Sensing Distance 30cm 3 Wires


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Optical switch control by infraredray,as proximity sensor,including a transmitter and receiver in it. A retroreflective arrangement places the transmitter and receiver at the same location and uses a reflector to bounce the light beam back from the transmitter to the receiver. An object is sensed when the beam is interrupted and fails to reach the receiver. It can be applied in security system,manufacturing industry etc.

  • Thread diameter: M18
  • Model: E3F-DS30C4
  • Detection distance: 30cm
  • Type: NPN NO
  • Detection object: opaque object
  • Detection method: Diffuse reflection type
  • Structure type: built-in relay
  • Appearance shape: cylindrical type
  • Working voltage: DC10-30V
  • Output control: 200mA
  • Installation method: 3 lines

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