HesChen Bridge Rectifier MDQ-200A 200A 1600V Diode Module with Heat Sinks Aluminum


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bridge rectifier for converting AC input to DC output.

Output Current: 300A Repeated peak reverse voltage (VRRM): 1600V Repeated Peak Reverse Current (IRRM): 10mA Isolation voltage (Viso): 2500VAC

single-phase full-wave diode bridge rectifier, 2500VAC isolated voltage 4-terminal high power converter

  • Voltage:1600V 
  • Current:200A
  • V(FO): 0.8V
  • Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage V(RRM): 1600V
  • solation Voltage V(ISO):2500V
  • Max. Junction Temperature: 150℃
  • Weight: 1091g

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