Cylindrical Fuse Holder Base RT18-32(X) 32A AC690V 4 Pole DIN Rail Mounting for 10 x 38mm Fuse CE UL Listed


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They are capable of working under heat caused by reted current and expected short impacting current up to 50KA. It can also function as a fuse disconnecting switch by multiphase combination. Ideally for protecting the electrical circuit from overload and short-circuits for industrial equipments or household appliances. It can be equipped with an indicator, which goes on when the fuse linke breaks.

  • Rated Insulation Voltage(Ui): AC 690V
  • Conventional Thermal Current(Ith): 32A
  • Fit for fuse link size: 10 x 38 mm
  • Fit for DIN rail: 35mm/1.4"
  • Net Weight: 260g
  • CE UL Listed

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